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PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures. My Chinese name: 包德贞. My work: (© picture: Stefaan Van der Biest)


I started to study Chinese in 1989. I have a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures. Over the past decades I have spent years of my life in China, studying, conducting research, and working in several functions in academic, governmental and business environments.
In 2002 I established ChinaConduct ( Our core business is cross-cultural training, coaching and advice. Our slogan is: "Don't let your cross-cultural experience be a Chinese puzzle. Manage it."

I alternatively work in Europe and in China as a consultant and trainer (and I write books about it).


discourse analysis, propaganda, eurocentrism, sinocentrism, postcolonial, postsocialism, the limits of western theories in the study of non-western areas, globalization versus localization, non-western contemporary art, photography, writing, traveling, studying, cultures, rituals, beijing, hong kong, mumbai, decent books, crowded cities, chinese characters, nice design, ... i am passionate about ten thousand things in life